Actress Gemma Chan is an extraordinary beauty. The British Asian has the kind of features that make jaws drop open and whole rooms stand still.

She is breath-taking – pure and simple.

Gemma Chan's beauty tip for dream lashes

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Much of it is down to a lucky coincidence – perfect genes that just happened to line up – leaving Gemma with high chiselled cheekbones, a fine aquiline nose and the most exquisite almond-shaped eyes.

But some of it is makeup know-how and the clever way in which Gemma applies her products – in particular those that create her long, lush lashes.

Gemma Chan

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You see, Gemma, who stars in the smash-hit flick Crazy Rich Asians, does not actually have thick lush lashes that curl just so and what you see when she hits the red carpet or is photographed for various magazines is the result of some deft makeup skills and a couple of clever tricks.

Correct! And thankfully, Gemma is happy to share them.

“I’m lucky I have long lashes, but they’re straight and they’re very fine, so the most important thing to me is to use lash curlers and then find a mascara that holds the curl,” she told Allure.

Gemma Chan

Image: Getty.

“I use Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, the one in the purple tube. I use the waterproof version, so it really holds the curl. Here’s my secret, though: I use the brush from an old Maybelline mascara, the Define-A-Lash formula. It works perfectly to separate and coat every single lash.”

A-ha! Genius.

Manicare lashes

Image: Supplied.

If that doesn’t appeal here’s another genius lash trick we have just stumbled across and CANNOT get enough of.

GlamPro by Manicare Magnetic Lashes. These clever-clogs lashes work. Like really work. Leaving you with lashes that look all the world like beautifully-applied extensions. And this is how. First, you apply the magnetising eyeliner along the lash line.

The liner contains invisible magnetising particles that connect with the magnetic lashes. Voila. It really is that simple.



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