April Ryan Says She Got Protection After Trump Attacks

April Ryan

I Got Protection

… After Trump Attacks

11/8/2018 11:08 AM PST


April Ryan has security to protect her from the crazies who might actually view her as an “enemy of the people” … after a series of verbal attacks by President Donald Trump.

April appeared Thursday on “MP Live,” and we asked if she was receiving death threats after Trump rudely told her to sit down when she tried asking a question about voter suppression. It’s the latest Trump attack against the American Urban Radio Networks Correspondent.

April didn’t want to talk about specific threats, but made it clear she has a security team in place, which seems to be a reality of life for White House Correspondents who raise the President’s ire.

Ryan made it clear … she doesn’t live in fear and will not back down … but she’s clearly taking precautions.

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