Create emoji masterpieces with any image using this fun web tool

The emojification of human culture is not complete until every object, verb, symbol, emotion, and image is captured using this once-obscure, now all-consuming pictorial format. That is why Emoji Mosaic is so helpful. Simply feed this free web tool any image you like, and it’ll churn out an emojified version for you in real time.

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It was made by programmer and designer Eric Lewis, and though it’s been floating around the web for a while, it was only brought to our attention on Twitter this week. It’s a fun and diverting thing to play with, populating the image in front of you in real time and leaving you to scrutinize the results and work out which emoji was used for each shade.

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It produces impressive results, whether you’re feeding it cat pictures:

Scenic views:

Or weird Japanese baseball mascots of a man in a skeleton leotard who frequently dives out of his fish exterior:

Try it for yourself, and feel free to drop any particularly odd or delightful results in the comments below!

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