Makeup is a truly wonderful, transformative thing. But not all days call for a full face. And sometimes you just want your skin to be free; to not feel claustrophobic under layers of primer, foundation, bronzer, highlighter and all the rest. 

The trouble is that sometimes we don’t always feel comfortable stepping out sans the coverage. Whether that’s because there’s a nice family of pimples setting up shop on your cheeks, pigmentation that’s leaving your skin tone looking less than even, or circles that tell the world you were, indeed, up all night binging on You instead of getting the requisite eight hours. 

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The good news is that there are some things you can do to ensure you feel a lot better about ditching your makeup for the day (or days, weeks, months – whatever floats your boat). The bad news is that some things take time (ugh) and you may need to exercise a little more patience than you’d prefer.

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