I really don't want to do this again

Arsenal have to do something about Mesut Ozil. There is a 0% chance that we need next season to figure out more than we already know.

There is so much talk that Mesut Ozil is going to be staying at Arsenal another year, perhaps even until his contract actually runs out in 2021. As much as I love Arsene Wenger, that massive contract with Ozil remains the No. 1 thing that causes me to lose sleep (Arsenal-related, anyway).

Ozil just hasn’t jived in North London, no matter what the fanboy squad will tell you. No matter what stats they throw up on Twitter about how he completes 92% of his passes and created two whole chances last time out. You know it’s bad when even the fanboys are throwing up ordinary numbers to make him look different.

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Guess what? He isn’t. Right now, Ozil is not good for this club and I would hate to come back around to this point next year and still bet talking about how Ozil isn’t good for this club, only for Ozil’s agent to come out again and say “he’s here ’til 2021, meh!”

When you look at the numbers, there’s nothing to give us hope. You want to try to say that Ozil should be here next year because he’s improved or something? Wrong. He hasn’t.

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Even with Unai Emery trying to force a spot for Ozil, the German hasn’t gotten any better since we opened the season. Shockingly so. And while you can’t base everything on numbers, there is one key figure that I want to draw attention to.

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First half of the year: four goals, two assists.

Second half of the year: two goals, one assist. And one goal and one assist came in the 5-1 stomping of Bournemouth.

You know who makes about as much money as Ozil? Paul Pogba, who managed 22 goal contributions. So does Kevin De Bruyne, who even in his injury riddled season still managed two goals and two assists in half the time that Ozil played.

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Even Alexis Sanchez, bane of everything that he is, managed four goal contributions playing half the amount of time that Ozil played.

It’s not good. Nothing about this is good. And it’s not getting better, is it? Because why would it?

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It’s time to sever ties. Fanboys be damned, they’ll follow Ozil wherever he goes and we’ll be better off without them. Then it’ll just be us Granit Xhaka fanboys here to ruin everything for everyone.