Макіяж як у Тейлор Хілл: Топ-10 порад від зіркового візажиста Лізи Елдрідж - 24 Канал

Lisa Eldridge is a famous British makeup artist with an experience of over 20 years. She has worked with Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz, Taylor hill and many other celebrities. Lisa will teach you exactly how to choose the right face cream or to emphasize the natural eyebrows.

More than twenty years ago, Lisa began her career on the BBC news channel. She did make-up Cindy Crawford for the cover of Elle, and once the model has worked with a beautician, self-inviting her to cooperate. In 1998, Lisa has developed a unique line of cosmetics with Shiseido. And with 2015 officially works as a creative Director of the cosmetic brand Lancôme.

We offer to your attention 10 most effective tips for creating spectacular makeup, recommends Lisa Elders.

Use SPF cream protection 50 every day

In the beautician every girl just needs to be cream. Its price may be a bit more expensive than the cost of regular cream, but skin is a must.

Primer to be

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Hide skin imperfections, prolong the life of makeup and minimize pores – in short, a universal means.

Be careful with the eyebrows

Lisa notes that are in trend now natural and she, as an experienced makeup artist, do not like painted every inch of the eyebrows. To provide a light tone should, so that their hairs were visible.

Not to hide the face under Foundation

This cream came to us in order to hide minor imperfections and smooth the complexion. If the skin has dark spots or acne, apply a little Foundation and blend fabric plies his bone. This way we only align the tone, but not Shamalov face.

Pencil mascara – a must have in the purse

Paint over this pencil need the distance between eyelashes, trying to keep the circuit closer to the root. Don’t worry if the first line will not be entirely smooth. After it is possible to spend one more, thicker, and then make up false eyelash mascara. This life hack will make your look even more expressive.

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No longer need to use Curling eye lashes

For those girls who love to use in your daily makeup and shadows, also there is a small but very useful tip. It is sufficient to use eyeliner. But you can pick up shadows in the middle Tony to the color of the ink, and in the outer corner of the eye to lighten accent. The result will be stunning.

Pretty to paint over the lashes from the tips

The brush should be made as close as possible to the roots. To hold her, massaging the eyelid. Such a move will help to paint each section between the lashes and all the extra mascara residue will remain on the eyelid. When they are deposited on the tips of the lashes – it looks ugly.

Small eyes – small load

If the eye shape you have is not very big, no need to reload ever. Made for lush lashes in addition to a thick line of eyeliner, alas, will not help increase them.

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To make bigger lips without surgical intervention

There are a few little secrets that will visually enhance lips. You need to apply a thin layer of lipstick on her lips and wipe off, leaving only a slight tinge. Then my lips with a pencil to circle a darker tone, easily pairing with a pencil using lines to the middle of the lips.

For spectacular make – up- bright lipstick

It is not always necessary to focus on the eyes and overloading them a ton of mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow or pencil. Eyelashes can be a little to paint, and all the emphasis on lips. It is important not to miscalculate with a choice of lipstick.

Forward to conquer the world!

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